The World's Only Tranied Slinkys

Slinkys have long been "fun for a girl and a boy", but they just got better! Jack gives new meaning to the words, "Spring Training". In this totally unique act, Jack magically transforms the classic toys into lovable living creatures, bringing amazement to people of all ages. Guaranteed to be the most talented troupe of springs you've ever seen.

Slinky Highlights

The Parade of Plastic
A professional performing pack of precocious plastic perambulators. This peppy platoon possesses a profound propensity for pacing, polished by plenty of preparation and practice. As the petite polypropylene pedestrians playfully promenade past on their perch platform, prominent people pronounce this unparalleled pageant a pinnacle of perfection.

Daredevil Dudley's Finale
This fearless slinky with nerves of steel will walk through a hoop of fire and then dive into a bucket of water!

You won't see that anywhere else!

* No slinkys were harmed in this act.

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